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the purple room

the front door to the purple room which i am staying in now..:)


Christiana, an island within a city..

christiana, gate for wonder.

christiania, denmark, copenhagen free town.

Christiania was created because of the lack of housing in Denmark in the late 60’s. Initially it was a military area, but in 1969 it had been abandoned. Between the years of 1969 and 1971, the tall fence surrounding the area was continuously broken into by hippies and squatters, who soon started to inhabit the empty military buildings. Around this time, an alternative newspaper published an article with a headline saying “Emigrate with bus number 8” and the article described the empty buildings, and suggested ideas for use- not least for living-space for the great number of young people that could not find anyhwere to live at the time. The result was a massive immigration of people who wanted to create another life based on communal living and freedom, and thus Christiania was born.

People from all walks of life come to visit Christiania, to have a break from the usual rush of the big-city and the sometimes cold lifestyle of the north. Immigrants, pensioners, single mothers, homeless and unemployed people all come here for a breather; street people and travellers, all find a sanctuary in Christiania. They come here to enjoy the peaceful, natural and wild environment, far from the structure of Northern European society, with its magical mixture of village and city life. Christiania is creative; filled with art, colours and grafitti- and welcomes everyone.

Christiania is probably most famous for its liberal view on cannabis-smoking. There are a few “laws” to Christiania which include no hard drugs and no weapons; but cannabis is used and sold openly everywhere. The people who founded Christiania was for the legalisation of cannabis, and this continues to be part of one of the main structures. At one point they tried; then, however, real problems started in Copenhagen, as the cannabis-business moved into the streets, was taken over by gangs, and became a very violent affair. Still, police come to Christiania several times a week, but the people who are selling cannabis around Pusher Street (the main cannabis-market) all know about this, and they pack up their things and run quickly.

The Christianites themselves live under a constant threat of possibly becoming homeless, should the government make reality of their plans to build luxury-apartments on the Christiania grounds. A young man called Thomas, who lived in Christiania for the past seven years, is a spokesman for the Christiania board. He says that he is not worried about this actually happening. “There are too many people who would protest, who would protect and help us. There would be riots on the streets of Copenhagen- and the government knows this.”

christiania, denmark, copenhagen free town.
christiania, denmark, copenhagen free town. house on the ice water..

christiania, denmark, copenhagen free town. house on the ice water..

street love.

christiania, street love

christiania, loveboat

christiania, green

lake christiana..

christiana, lake

christiana, parking spot..

christiana, house on the ice…

christiana, house on the ice…


“My first visit to Christiania was at the age of 16. I went with my best friend; we had heard of this place and were really excited to see and experience it. It was the middle of summer, and it was very, very hot. Everything was green and lush, and not many people were out on the streets- I guess they were all at the beach. We took the famous bus number 8 from central Copenhagen, and we were not really sure where to get off- and we were definitely too scared to ask anyone for directions. We did not want people to know what naughtiness we were about to do. Eventually we did get there, and we were amazed at what we saw. This other world opened up in front of us; scary in many ways, with all the men and boys standing around in Pusher Street, and really scary because of all the big dogs roaming around. At the same time, we felt happy, welcome- it was so relaxed, so different, such a chilled-out vibe. We went to one of the stalls and bought a minimal amount of weed- the smoking was our main objective for coming here- and then we sneaked away from the main , hid in the bushes, sat in the grass, and tried to roll a joint in the gentle summer-breeze. We felt as if we were doing something forbidden and were shocked when a black man with dreads walked past us, wearing round, pink sunglasses and a huge, bright smile, saying ´girls, no need to be ashamed, no need to hide! just be free and happy, you are allowed!´We looked at each other with huge, relieved smiles, and until this day, we’ll never forget the feeling of freedom this man with the incredible smile gave us. How different from our normal life!

Since this day, I have continued coming to Christiania year after year. Mostly I go in the summer, to chill out in the beergarden (and drink beer less than half the price of most places in Scandinavia!) and to get a break from the normal, hectic, busy and structured life of northern Europe. I don’t come for the smoking anymore- and actually, since I stopped coming simply for the reason to get stoned, I started discovering the beauty of this place. The creativity, the colours, the relaxed vibe- and just the general feeling of freedom, and being allowed. I’ve had some amazing food here- organic, vegetarian meals- and I’ve seen amazing art by the Tibetan population living here. I bring my bicycle, and cycle around the lake- I marvel at the weird and amazing houses and I feel alive, free, and refreshed after leaving the freetown and entering the EU again- where things are ridiculously priced, and people are always in a rush to get to wherever.”

more from linda on her blog:


fairy wall..

vegetable stall restaurant…
vegetable stall restaurant…

light blue..

city bodha..

christiana, color

cloud factory on the way to copenhagen..
on the road to christiana..

Everybody said ‘Christiana’ is a cool place,
And still I was quite surprised to walk into it..
In the middle of what feels like a normal northern European town just across an almost hidden door, there is a wild imagination town alive and inspiring.
Like the bubble we create in our homes to have the feeling of freedom,
Christiana is a very big bubble, in the middle of life, creative and open, and festival party like organic happening.
I enjoyed it a lot, even though I was not really allowed to take pictures..
What you see is mostly the result of my Israeli manners…

I will definitely be back pronto in Christiana.

copenhagen town..

copenhagen town..

wilde in town..

linda photo …

wilde town..

probably the only place allowed to smoke in northern europe.. i didn’t wana live..

copenhagen town..
copenhagen town..
blonde in time..

Sinai was great,
I am not sure in which moment it happened, but when I was having my last sunset café there, I realized I feel much more tuned then when I got there,
I got there after a hared time in ego land, too much thinking and expecting and being in the ‘I’.
Every place has a different quality like every person.
Sinai is a place where you find quietness, peacefulness.
I met a few people there that claimed to inlighted or as they said almost in lighted,
After a few days of silence with myself, I started talking to my fellow man,
There was a funny nice collection there; mainly couples in love or some like me that wanted a little time to run away.
There is nothing to do in Sinai..Maybe just breath.
Which is the most important thing,
My auntie went to the doctor to get checked and they told her she stops breathing 30 times in a minute…
Breathing needs to be continues.
And it happened to me, I breathe!
That is why I am,
That is why it is all-ok, ok in any case, even if ‘things’ don’t. Happen the way my ‘I’ wanted them to..
The revolution in Egypt and Sinai got to it’s climex for me by the shije saying one night that there is too much fire in the world right now, so we should not light the fire.
Need to say, that the ‘around the fire’ show every night is the only show in Sinai.
That and the stars.
So many of them.. Reminding us how small we are actually, and that we don’t meter as much as we think we do.
I feel so very much thankful that I can allow myself some time ‘off’ the concept of time.. Without a phone, or net, or anything that I reflect.
It reminds me that I am me, even without my ‘I’
Met a few new friends.. Some were my friends forever and I just met them..
Thank you gali, zohar, misu, siso.. And all.
Going there was going far away, by going far away. I’m coming closer☺
Tonight going to Prague, a day there and then to warmth land in cold Sweden.
I wish you all some breathe.
Love and warmth.
p.s. I posted around 70 moments here..i think you need to ‘click’ all the way down..

high in the sky..

sea line tlv..


the sinai team..

ras satan coast line..

misu cosmic..

fisherman..sinai..red sea..

siso: ‘don’t play with fire’..

my new old soul friend..gali.

winter happens..

sinai dogy style..


water rainbow..

water walk..

the tonight show every night in sinai..


living on the water..

big blue..

last sinai night..

house window..

my hill house..

me caza tu caza..

friends along the way..

dining room..

lovely gali.

light man..

revolution guard

hippie auto..


revolution guard #39..

my opening door..


master bedroom..

friday candle light.


guesst room.

siso ve simcho..
lunch at 1700.
magic carpet.
my favorite tiger in sinai..
birthday night..
tishrab chay..?

on the road.
kitchen cat.
hair dresser.
this man touched me in his effort to make his place inviting for us..

black and yellow kid.
hassan my hair dresser.
made me realise how i long for touch 🙂

kid tuning radio for revolution news in nawiba..
desert town nawiba..
desert sound.
in focose !!
out of foc..

home away from home..
milion stars hotel..

fire masters.
kitchen view..
night light:)
moon light.
shot with the help of my moon light friend..:)


birthday cat-cake:)

on the road book/cat jack krowack.

food was ok/good..but the desighn of the place was amazing..:))


we are stars.
my village on the water/hill..

sunny day.

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chris is a mess..i would not merry him..but happy merry everything to everybody::))

Amir lev-live -lehava-ahava.

Amir lev-live -lehava-ahava.
Last night went to Amir lev concert, in ‘temona’ concert hall,
In tlv.
It was the 3, maybe 4 one I am going to Listen to him,

I met Amir for the first time in his house Thurgau Danni a mutual friend of ours,
Danni asked me to deliver 2 kilos of ‘nahala’ café to him, from Amir.
After a very short time with Amir I felt comfortable, and easy.

A connection that without too many words goes beyond the surfers.
When we parted we hugged like the oldest friends ever,

Driving out of the meeting I thought that it is pretentious to be so much non pretentious.

No ego, huge compassion.
A man that stands with both feet on the ground and looks at you from eye level straight in,
Subtly creating an honest and deep connection.
This vibration is captured in his lyrics and captures his listeners,

The crowed that came to the sold out show was as well warm welcoming and without too much ‘me’ and ‘I’.
Like Amir,

Free translation of the name Amir lev would be: prince of the heart,
I feel it fits.



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