i am you-you are me.


mail: noam.ofir@gmail.com

skype: noamiko06

web: noamofir.com


2 responses

  1. Amanda Piiiiiiiiii

    I can´t find the f*****g place to sign up for the excursions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …..But to browse through your photos is a delight – this cow one ( above ) – in the middle of the street is just ITTTTTTTTTTT !!!

    oH! and by the way – that strange fish that you didn´t know the name of ….. SOUP FISH – you called ittttt ….. is a mola mola !!


    I love it ! where did you see it ????
    I studied oceanography you seeeeeeeeeeee and from the first time I learnt about it ….. I recorded the name ! – It´s one of the few things I remember from the grass-haze @ Uni !!

    May 24, 2011 at 19:27

  2. Amanda Piiiiiiiiii

    I thought that was a private message – not public !!! woops !!!! – Glad I didn´t write anything tooooo imprudentttttttttttttt

    May 24, 2011 at 19:29

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