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december, israel, dor beach.


I would like to apologies to whomever I might invite to visit me in Israel,
And to Linda love that just came.
Apologies for the ridicules system we are living in!
When I took her to the airport just now, she had to go through a questioning by security, with many intimate questions.
Then she had to have her luggage checked thoroughly not just by a machine but by people opening and looking into each and every little piece of belonging she had.
If this was not enough, then she was allowed to go through the check in process.
Only to encounter another ‘security ‘ check after check in, in which. (I was looking through the glass) Some 3 young ‘automatic-humans’ really opened each and every page in her diary as well as thronging to the garbage some tooth past and other things,
Need to mention, Linda had only one bag, a carry on.
More questions more checks,
Then the guy in charge came to interview me and I vouched for her, confirmed her story.
All of this did not help.. One of the mechanical machines made a sign, a sign that has no real explanation besides in my eyes that the machine is a piece of s—t!!!
As a result of this sign made by this machine, Linda stepped up to be a ‘suspected terrorist’
She was escorted to another area, separated from her belongings,
That were taken by another 6-7 terrorist hungry brain washed young guys wearing security badges to examine for the third time!!!
Linda herself was taken to another room where she was undressed and searched.
Her belongings were taken apart to the tiniest detail.
One of the young ‘automatic-humans’ was getting exited about her advanced camera.
And was looking at the pictures taken with this camera!! Private pictures!!
I actually know the ‘drill’ on this one, and it is a very simple one, to check a camera suspected as a weapon.. You just need to take one picture with it.
If it takes the pictures.. Then it is probably not a gun!!
We both spend 2 humiliating hours being questioned and treated as suspects in a crime, only because a stupid (excuse my French!!) machine made a noise!!
This is outrageous for me.
Suspicion, fear, mistrust, abuse in the name of security.. These are things that are being cultivated all over the world.
The control each and every one of us is allowing the authorities to have, is castrating our own freedom, and free will.
Face book is ILIGAL!! MORALY, !!!
They are the first to come up with such en effective social platform.
But the fact that they OWN each and every word anybody is using in their site, as their ‘intellectual property’ is a joke made of the very meaning of ‘intlectual property!
It is not moral, and as for not legal!!
At least not in my existence.
Anything you say can and will be used against you!

This phenomenon of control that is becoming more and more total will over through itself!
In the states there is one family that has volunteered to ‘chip’ their own newborn kid..
Just to know where is he. In a fearful fed existence.
The control will become a mind conceptual jail for human kind, and then en alternative will arise,
And we will not have much choice but to start trusting each other.
We are letting ourselves be used and abused!
When will we say enoughf..?

if i don’t work for 3 days.. this is how i get to feel..
santa eularia port, ibiza october 2010.

tlv at night, can’t fall asleep, tomorrow fun week starting for me..




in the ‘eye’ of the beholder..

aimee was (ans still) very pretty, she also knew exactly what she wanted..
it was fun and open once we both over came the motorbike
problem i had that day..

she reminded me very much of a woman i once knew..

now i am re-editing her..

famme fatal.. very fatal ::))

Editing some pictures from Ibiza.. Realizing how lucky I am to be living there.
Such a beautiful open place, full with a collection of people that is full and open.
I’m happy to be missing it.

Tel Aviv, Friday feeling here is quiet unique.

note to a friend..

you have this sensetivety this subtle touch vibration.

i feel you are one of the wisest man i ever met!
and i am so so thankfull for having you in my life!!!

you are one of the rocks which i stand on every day when the waves come.
your love, support, and subtle words, are priceless for me.


style ..

on a break from a shoot, they went for changing make up look, i smoke.
thing with a photographer, and probably with anybody else as well..you have to give trust!
if you do, you create a better way to function.

One of those cool days.
Started little late, then went to meet a Yair for a lunch time café, we set as long as the café has allowed us.

Then walked a long way to a photography shop t

    hat was


They say TLV never sleeps,

But on Tuesday’s after noon somebody for sure is taking a nap..

Then in the bus on the way to Jafo I realized I don’t have a location or clothing for Melissa’s shoot.. The day after tomorrow..
I let myself go to Jaffa
The very first shop catches my eye, cechick clothing that celebrate fashion!
I walk in to ask if there is any chance for ..
I get full support with clothing, styling, and extra location from an amazing designer.
Thank you Sharon!

I walk into the next door,
Is an old authentic hostel with a lot of style and atmosphere in Jafo that it’s roof is over looking the city as far as meets the eye.

The owner is a super woman (got it instantly) called Varda.
She let’s me use her hotel as en endless location for a day.

Then one café on Michal’s boat and one on Oded’s boat in Jafo port.

On the way home I buy chocolate in a kiosk and step out to the open door of the bus that goes all the way to my place.. Number 18.

I think it exploded once.

Most of the time I am fully blown away from this that we call life!

Got myself 2 small jobs confirmed..I’m like a cat, but I wana be a tiger!!
Tlv is one of the most expensive places; it has no relation between what money you make to the rent you pay, and the beer in a bar..
everybody is convinced that they know anything better then the other.

Seating in a café place in the street and by standers are looking over my shoulder at my pictures, as I am editing them..And find it correct to tell me what were my mistakes in taking the pictutre..And how to do it better..
What to do…
ce’st la vie..

Gave myself a day off yesterday, was watching TV the whole night,
Then went to sleep almost the whole day, woke up for a meeting with a model that was actually very pretty, alive animated and has a great smile, she’s actually a musician but wants to model.
I feel she has a very good chance to work in the field.
Then went to a photo exhibition of eldad refaeli in the port of TLV,
Was very nice and got me motivated,
I feel a little like a raging bull just b4 they let him out..
Went to visit a friend, we watched how they caught Adolf Eichmann on the history channel.
Then to ease the pain went to this fetish club that would not let me in cause I was wearing a jeans..
So continued to another place called the dog and the cat..
Was ok, was handling in a cool way the fact that I was pushed around by almost everybody all the time.
There was a lot of ‘behaving’ there..But I did noticed one girl that was kinda free..
Walked home, checked in dreamland..
Friday in tlv now.. Is a nice feeling, I go back to bed…☺

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