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philippe cotto.

in the end what is left is a bunch of people that hold your hand and touch you in your last moments.


i met filo in ibiza.

we liked each other and connected.

i think it was about 9-8 years ago,

a few times it happened that i lived with him when arriving to ibiza.

with me he only gave, never asked me for nothing and always offered help, support and a hugs.

he suffered a long time from pain, then about a year ago they discovered he has cancer.

he fought it until yesterday after noon.

i feel thankful for spending some time with him in his last days in this kind of existence.

they gave him 48 hours about 10 days ago,

there are i guess situations when there is no remedy, there is no way back and there is no chance to get out of it,

it is so strange to accept it, to deny our most strong instinct to survive.

to believe that there will not be a miracle and that this is it.

to accept your exit that will always come b4 time.

i feel Filo was in between the two, he kept optimist with all of us, and i heard him say to some of us that he is going out,

jai alle a sortir,

every time i went into the hospital i took a deep breath, and did my best to be happy and cheerful.

yesterday morning i got a call to come and say good by,

i came and felt him, i was quite and then i sang a song for him so he hears.

was with him for a moment alone where i told him that i thank him so much for knowing him,

for learning from him, all this lessons including this possibly last one.

that i love him,
and that it looks to me as if we all went to this party called life, and he just had to go b4 the party was over,
and as soon as my party will be over i will be going to the exact same place he is going to,
that there is nobody that is not going there,

just some stay longer then others.

he was in between worlds, in a transit process, slowly loosing life from his body,

i asked him to let go, i wished for his soul attached to his body to let go and lift of to whatever is there or not.

it was hared for him to breath, i was after almost 2 nights without sleep.

at one point i went to the other room, and sat with the friends,
i felt i’m almost loosing it, my body giving up to the Fatigue.

then i decided to let go and close my eyes a bit,

i did , and after timeless 2 minutes, my friend woke me up and said ‘it’s over’

i got up.

i saw him.. and there was no life in his body.

looked through the window, and saw cars going, people going to parties in ibiza..

more then sad, it all felt very strange,

and another feeling that i can not find the word for.

and not sure if there is a word for it.

felt he is still there.. still around.

after some time i slowly walked out the hospital.. stopped at the edge of the hospital and found it very hared to make the step out of the premisses.

like it is a strong big step in the separation process from Filo.

the musketeers.


the part of me that is Filo.. is there and will be there as long as i am there.

a tut suit mon ami.












happy passover..:))



Fliper on the roads..:)

Fliper showing of on the way to ibiza..

started in barcelona port on a sunny morning ..

i started this trip when i was 80 years old..ended at 16..:))

city view from the love boat..


when we left it was very foggy..a lot of ghost trafic..

then we entered the big deep blue sector of the spaceship..

doronchik who pretended to be a serious love boat captain guided us all along the path, and even made us believe like we are helping out in some way..

lion was the video man on our sea clip..

raanan was mainly keeping the smile on the captains face in ways i am not in a disclosure to revile..

guy was not pretending to be serious ..rather was as serious as it gets.. apart from when tuning the sounds..

Fliper was making a mess all the time.. just want to play and joke around jump and make noise.. not to mention making funny faces all the time!!

he did have a charming smile..so we kinda forgave him for the rest..

fliper's smile got stucked on the faces of popye and the sailors...

fliper called his uncle .. that was un known till then..

Risso’s have a relatively large anterior body and dorsal fin, while the posterior tapers to a relatively narrow tail. The bulbous head has a vertical crease in front.[3]
Infants are dorsally gray to brown and ventrally cream-colored, with a white anchor-shaped area between the pectorals and around the mouth. In older calves, the non-white areas darken to nearly black, and then lighten (except for the always dark dorsal fin.) Linear scars mostly from social interaction eventually cover the bulk of the body. Older individuals appear mostly white. Most individuals have 2-7 pairs of teeth, all in the lower jaw.
Length is typically 10 feet (3.0 m) although specimens may reach 14.1 feet (4.3 m).[4] Like most dolphins, males are typically slightly larger than females. This species weighs 300–500 kilograms (660–1,100 lb) making it the largest species called “dolphin”.

riso calderone ..

this is a picture image of a recently discovered new dolphin tip that is known to smile with no specific reason even on a rainy day…

this is ..hmm... something else..doron said a name.. ('stupid-fish') but i doubt it.. is just super strange shape kinda fish..with no aim or purpose in life besides floating slow on the blue..

same soup creature..

you could never really put a sunset in a picture..but is still nice trying..:)

my shift as a captain past like a dream..no passa nada..

it was super nice, the sea and the connection to nature.. realising through the feeling that actually this space ship is perfectly designed in an amazing way, that we do not miss anything, that all is there and in us already.

and wrinkles are our mind’s fault only..:)

comments make me vibrate more,
sharing my blog might cause an explosion of joy (for my mother..)

deep blue thank you to the team that crossed the wild sea with only.. each other to laugh with..:))