i am you-you are me.

Amir lev-live -lehava-ahava.

Amir lev-live -lehava-ahava.
Last night went to Amir lev concert, in ‘temona’ concert hall,
In tlv.
It was the 3, maybe 4 one I am going to Listen to him,

I met Amir for the first time in his house Thurgau Danni a mutual friend of ours,
Danni asked me to deliver 2 kilos of ‘nahala’ café to him, from Amir.
After a very short time with Amir I felt comfortable, and easy.

A connection that without too many words goes beyond the surfers.
When we parted we hugged like the oldest friends ever,

Driving out of the meeting I thought that it is pretentious to be so much non pretentious.

No ego, huge compassion.
A man that stands with both feet on the ground and looks at you from eye level straight in,
Subtly creating an honest and deep connection.
This vibration is captured in his lyrics and captures his listeners,

The crowed that came to the sold out show was as well warm welcoming and without too much ‘me’ and ‘I’.
Like Amir,

Free translation of the name Amir lev would be: prince of the heart,
I feel it fits.

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  1. נועמון, נהנתי, תמשיך א.

    February 20, 2011 at 13:18