i am you-you are me.


So I had a nice day .. Mas o menus,.
Got up earlier then later, took a café on my net bar which has become my office,
Is a funny place,
It is ‘cool’ and all the people that you want to meet cause they are in the ‘action’ industry are seating here.
But everybody here is ‘keeping’ his or her cool.
I always ‘loose’ my coolness after an hour or so and start talking to somebody,
Other humans are better to talk to then to yourself all the time.

Then I took my bike that I bought from a junky for a 5 ‘trips’ price..
I intend to give them a present to somebody that was a victim of such acts,
After I use them some time.

Was very stormy day, super strong wind, almost blow me a few times.
Went to the beach, I like this weather, feels like there is something going on,
You feel the force of nature, in a very present way.

On the beach met a friend from another life, EIDIT.
She told me that nature and god in Hebrew Numerology have the same value.

Now I am back in this bar,
Eating cheesecake, drinking mint tea, looking at the rain and observing the characters here.
A serious guy on my right didn’t lift his head of his laptop.
And wearing glasses..
I had a friend in New York that was afro-American, he had a transparent per of glasses to stop taxicabs, and he said they would never stop for him if he were not with his doctor glasses.
In front of me a guy that wants something from a woman that knows what she ‘doesn’t’ want.
She’s ‘L’Oreal’ blond and has a dog with a swatter.
The dog doesn’t look happy.

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